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We understand that Packaging is the most important aspect while marketing. We have specialized in different kinds of packaging and have the distinction of satisfying our American customers by giving them packaging to their satisfaction. The current range of packaging we have are as under :

Bulk Pack, Skin Carded (USING SURLYN FILM), Blister Pack Carded, Sliding Blister Plates, Clamshell and Customized Packaging as per customer requirements.


We are fully geared-up for putting UPC/BARCODE Labels in any world-wide language and have got in-house programmes to print these labels. All processing is done in-house and 100% pre-shipment scanning is done. We also have our own UPC registration number.

Aluminium Range Aluminium Range Bathroom Range Bathroom Range Cabinet Hardware Cabinet Hardware Door Knockers Door Knockers Architectural Door Stops Architectural Door Stops Heritage Collection Heritage Collection House Numbers House Numbers Pull Handles Pull Handles Antique Hooks Antique Hooks Speciality Hardware Speciality Hardware Stair Rod Stair Rod Surface / Tower Bolts Surface / Tower Bolts
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